5' XL Fombag

The XL 5 foot round fombag is the perfect finishing piece to your theater, family or game room. Snuggle up with your sweetie to watch a movie, this is the ideal bag for just the two of you.

Made of premimum quality foam, our bags are teeming with fullness and comfort. Enjoy pure relaxation therapy.

Weighing in at nearly 60 pounds, this bag is covered in one of our durable, comfortable and washable premium fabrics.

Dimensions: 60" x 60" x 32"
(Note: Exact dimensions will vary based on how you shape it)

Warranty: 3 yr. full replacement warranty

Liner is included - this is an important feature. Believe it or not, some of our competitors don't include a liner. Without one of our high quality liners, you would not be able to remove the cover for washing.

100% USA FOAM!!!
The most comfortable chair on the planet!
High quality yet not high priced
Mobile and easy to move (roll) around
Washable and changeable covers
Liners (included) are a very strong breathable polyester linen

Fabric Details

Denim and Twill Fabrics
Made from cotton, these fabrics feel like a soft lightweight jeans material. Machine washable and durable, they get softer over time. These fabrics are not water resistant and may soak up any spills more than the MicroSuede or Premium fabrics.
Note: The swatch images are zoomed in very close. The individual thread lines that are visible are very small - about 25 per inch. Order free Twill samples.

MicroSuede Fabrics
MicroSuede is our most popular fabric choice. With good reason, it is the best selling fabric type in furniture today. It feels like a soft suede jacket and is extremely durable. Breathable and comfortable it is also very moisture resistant. Machine washable. The most popular colors are Chocolate, Earth, Black and Cinnabar. Order free MicroSuede samples.

Faux Leather
Faux Leather is a simulated leather fabric and part of our Premium fabric group. Very thick, and with a feel just like real leather. It is nearly 100% moisture resistant. This is our only fabric that is not machine washable, but it can be easily spot-cleaned when needed. Order free Faux Leather samples.

Pebble MicroFiber
Pebble MicroFiber fabrics have a very interesting "pebble" texture to them. This is a very high end fabric and makes a wonderful fombag cover. Very thick and soft, with a unique feel to the hand due to the unusual texture. Machine washable. Note: The swatches are zoomed in close, the individual pebbles are small. The pebbles range in size from about 1/3 inch to 1/8 inch. Order free Pebble MicroFiber samples.

Plush Corduroy
Plush Corduroy is not your traditional corduroy. The cords are very wide, about 1/2 inch each. This creates a very intersting visual texture, and feels great to the touch. The fabric is one of our thickest and very velvety soft. This is a staff favorite! Make sure to view the closeup images of a full Fombag to see how this cord texture enhances the visual appeal. Machine washable. Order free Plush Corduroy samples.

Alaska Furr
One of the most unique fabrics in the Fombag line, Alaska Furr has about a 1/2" nap (fur length). It is in a swirl pattern, with each swirl about 1" in diameter. Make sure to view the closeup images of a full Fombag to this luxurious fabric in use. Machine washable. Order free Alaska Furr samples.

Lynx Furr
Lynx Furr is a very thick and heavy luxury fabric with polyester hair fibers about 3/4 inch long. This is a limited edition run of one of our most expensive fabrics.


Review rated 5 by Colette Williams

A true beautiful red & oh soooo cosy!

Delivered on time in good condition. We were surprised of how hard the the package was when we opened it & had to work at loosening the foam inside .We stil are not finish but getting their. It''s already soft enough to enjoy . We love the comfort , the good quality & looks beautiful with the decor of the room in our summer home. Thank You.

Reviewed by: Colette Williams from Montague on 12/1/2013

Review rated 5 by Tiffany Rosey Cheeks

Perfect experience, love the 5''

My daughter asked for 2 things for her holiday/b-day gift, one was a bean-bag... so I started my search. I had been exposed to the overly priced competitor when I was out in Vegas years ago and I knew I wanted a foam filled bag not a bean filled bag, so I looked around and found Fombag. The website is nice, selections are varied and each item is explained so you have a reasonable idea of what you need in your space. Ordering was easy, paying was a breeze and shipping was super fast. We bought the 5'' round in microfiber purple and my daughter is in love with the huge blob that takes up half her room. Packaging was good and while heavy, the Fombag was easy to get into it''s cover and place. I have 2 other kids, it''s just a matter of a few months until I ask them what is on their wish lists and I guarantee at least one of them will say they want their very own Fombag, and I will be happy to oblige. ;)

Reviewed by: Tiffany Rosey Cheeks from San Antonio on 3/18/2017

Review rated 5 by Nan Bucknell


I recently bought a beanbag chair from Fombag for my son heading off to college. I am always a little nervous ordering something from the internet because you never know what might happen. I am happy to report that the entire experience was very positive: great product, great customer service and outstanding, quick shipping. In this case, I even had to change my order after the fact and they handled the exchange flawlessly and without any hassles. I highly recommend this seller for anyone looking for a rock solid, reliable internet seller of beanbag chairs, etc.

Reviewed by: Nan Bucknell from San Jose on 7/14/2017

Review rated 5 by Mark Teixeira

easy, fast, cool bag.

Comfy bag. Looks good. The 5 foot bag is huge. Needs to go in a large room. Spend a little more and get the footrest.

Reviewed by: Mark Teixeira from Vista on 10/12/2017

Review rated 4 by Didi Martin

Super awesome buy!

The beanbag and cover shipped separately, but the shipping on this massive thing was free and the bag came about a week after I bought it so overall I''d say that the shopping was phenomenal! As for the bag, it took a few days to fluff up at first but with time it''s gotten more and more fluffed up and now it''s huge and we''re the talk of the town! We seriously have people coming over every day just to jump into it! It seemed a little pricey but I definitely don''t regret buying it at all. Best beanbag I''ve ever owned!

Reviewed by: Didi Martin from Sapulpa on 1/16/2017