Bean Bag Pillow: Part of a Rich Floor Pillow History

After browsing through the site you may be wondering, what type of Fombag should I buy? With so many options, it can be difficult differeniating the difference between a Fombag, Sofa Sack, Fompillow, & Fompancake?

Let us break it down for you by showing the different options and offer some suggestions on the perfect shape for your space.

What is a Fombag?

Although sometimes referred to as a "bean bag", a Fombag is worlds apart from a traditional bean bag chair. Chock full of premium shredded furniture foam, our bags do not contain any and not those icky Styrofoam beans of the past. Round and voluminous, these extravagant bags are simply the most comfortable chair on the planet. Available in 11 sizes and numerous colors, these bags compliment a variety of spaces. Family rooms, living rooms, playrooms, dorm rooms, game rooms, you name it, this bag is the most versatile and our most popular shape. Buy one or multiple bags and your room will be the most visited room in the house. Simply put, this bag rocks!

What is a Sofasack?

A Sofa Sack is the oval version of the Fombag. Made with the same high quality foam as in the Fombag, the Sofa Sack can be used in various spots as well. What makes the Sofa Sack unique is that because it is in the shape of an oval, it can be sat in as a traditional "sofa" or cocoon shape. The Sofa Sack is ideal for rectangular or odd shaped rooms. Can be placed easily next to a wall while leaving the center of your room wide open. A great shape for those nooks and crannies you'd like to read or relax in with your new Sofa Sack. Available in 3 sizes and a variety of colors. The Sofa Sack is a great personal or party lounger!

What is a Fompancake?

By far the most loved product by our four-legged friends, the Fompancake is an immediate hit with all who sit in one. Your ticket to 3 types of deep relaxation. The Fompancake can be used several different ways. When laying down flat like a pancake, it's a fun crash pad for kids or a comfortable spot for a relaxing nap. If you turn it on its side, you sink into it like a foam hammock or a foam bag chair. It also makes a great giant dog bed for large dogs. A great conversational piece for your next hang time with your friends.

What is a Fompillow?

Introducing the biggest pillow you can buy. It's the same high quality materials built into a Giant pillow! Its a double body pillow that can double as a chair, bed, or meditation station. The fompillow is great for a single foam chair (when turned on its side), crash pad, foot rest, something to lean up against, or sleep on. Packed with 40 lbs of premium shredded foam, the Fompillow is a fun favorite of foam furniture lovers, and is one huge sack of a pillow! Children, big kids & adults will love reading, relaxing or gaming on these super size pillows. Available in all of our premium fabrics.

What shape should I get?

It is a personal preference to decide which shape is perfect for your home. Questions you might ask yourself: What type of space do I have available? How many people will be using the bag? Which bag will best fit into the decor of my home?

If you need further guidance or help in your selections, please contact one of our Fombag experts at 866.736.6224 and we would be happy to assist you!

Go Round! Go Heavy! Go Fombag!

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