Decorate with Black Bean Bags Chairs

With our great Fombags, it was only natural for us to create a Fompillow bean bag pillow, too. But these comfortable additions are actually part of a long line of floor pillows. Many different cultures have used something like a bean bag pillow to create an atmosphere of comfort and style. Bean bag pillows are a comfortable alternative to furniture like couches and chairs. This type of pillow was actually used traditionally in some Japanese, Moroccan, Korean, and Indian designs. We’re proud to include our bean bag pillows in this great history of floor pillows. After all, it’s been working for centuries—and if it's not broke, why fix it?

In Japan, their version of the bean bag pillow is called a zabuton or zafu. They’re actually used quite a bit in Japanese culture. Their rendition of the bean bag pillow is used for seating during things like eating, meditating, or watching television. In this culture, the floor pillows are generally square, and they’re made out of cotton. We like to think that we’ve improved on this tradition with the Fompillow. Our bean bag pillows are filled with a comfortable foam that we believe is far superior to any other material out there.

In Moroccan cultures, they use their version of the bean bag pillow in a slightly different way. Their pillows are actually more like short cylinders that are are called poufs. But they’re used in a variety of social gatherings. That’s exactly what you can do with your bean bag pillow. They’re great for movie night with friends, and your kids will love using them at sleepovers. Take a cue from the Moroccans—bean bag pillows are excellent for entertaining guests.

At, we’re happy to be the best company bringing you these great bean bag pillows. Our large floor cushions are perfect for a variety of purposes. They’re big enough to be an alternative sleeping or resting place for that surprise guest. They’re also perfect for watching movies or playing video games. Once you sit in one of our bean bag pillows, you might not want to get up!

Check out our selection of fabrics and colors here at You’ll be able to find the bean bag pillow that works best for your home’s specific décor. Just remember that comfort is our number one priority

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