Enjoy the Softer Side of Life with a Bean Bag Chair

Growing up, you learn that theres a great deal of things you're not supposed to do with the furniture: you don't jump on it, you don't play on it, and you certainly don't put your feet on it. After all, couches, loveseats and sectional sofas can all come with a hefty price tag. Throw in the price to reupholster it, and you might as well stuff the cushions with cash! Fortunately, there has been a simple solution to the furniture issue that most have forgotten, and thats the handy bean bag chair. Not only are they incredibly comfortable, but as it turns out, they're suitable for all ages. Bean bag chairs are great for little ones, as you don't have to worry about them rolling off. Children love bean bags because they can be played with, flopped on, and easily picked up and moved. As for teens and adults, not only can bean bags be a comfortable seat for two at college, but theyre supremely easy to move and store. This makes them great for the dorm or as a comfy couch for the living room in your house. Bean bag chairs are certainly a more original choice to traditional furniture, and it won't break the bank to own multiple bean bags around your home.

Where to find Bean Bag Chairs

It seemed there was a point in time where the only place you could find bean bag chairs was at garage sales of people who finally cleaned out their storage unit. Since the rise in interactive entertainment and video game-based furniture, bean bags have been making a huge comeback. And by huge, we mean in terms of consumer demand and size! Bean bags can be found all over now, from Ikea to Target, on Amazon, and from a wide variety of retailers online including FomBag. However, when looking for a bean bag, do yourself a favor and check out the reviews. A product review can help you decide which is the real deal and which belongs on the overstock shelves. While they may be on sale, it doesn't mean it's something you want. With FomBag, youll see a huge number of positive reviews, and it doesnt hurt that we dont tack on those extra shipping costs!

Bean Bag Chairs for Kids

Bean bag chairs are usually marketed for kids, and for good reason. They are soft and comfortable, sure, but they're also fun to play with and therefore, kid approved. As a toddler, when your very own chair is shaped like a baseball, football, or even a big squishy soccer ball, life is great. You can pick it up and toss it and just have fun with it, which for a piece of furniture is about as dual purposed as you can get. If your children aren't sports fans there is a huge variety of print or patterns that can be personalized to you and your childrens liking. Because bean bags come in a small size they are great for toddlers and a smaller child, making them great for a childs club house or play place.

Plus, FomBags bean bags come in a variety of aesthetically pleasing microsuede and microfiber options: Black, Blue, Brown, Navy, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Green, and even animal and camo prints! Not only is there a wide variety of colors and patterns to chose from but there are also different materials you can select as well. Microfiber and suede are great for the summer, keeping the fabric cool and also washable which is always a plus when it's hot and durable enough for outdoor use.

Cut Down on Furniture Costs with Cheap Bean Bag Chairs

We said it before: couches can be really expensive. Unless you're willing to pick one up from the side of the world and give it the sniff tests, or worse yet, play "what's that stain," chances are you'd probably want to buy one new. However, even at discount stores, a nice couch or a comfortable lounger can easily run you several hundred dollars if not thousands. Once again, bean bag chairs come to the rescue. Not only is this microfiber squishy sac of foam inexpensive to buy, but you can remove and wash the covers with ease!

If you want to make your own cover, go for it! Fabric tends to be cheap and there are plenty of places online to find patterns for free. Bean bag chairs are also easier to repair than other furniture making it extra cost effective. If you get a hole in a seam, simply stitch it back up, if it starts to go flat you can always refill it, returning its previous fantastic state. For that extra personal touch you can have your bean bagged monogrammed, pepper it with multicolored polka dots or even cover it with your favorite quilting pattern, the possibilities are endless.

Living Large in a Big Bean Bag Chair

There is a certain whimsical quality to climbing into an large, oversized bean bag chair. It almost seems to swallow you up, and fits like a glove. When it's cold outside, it's great to cuddle up under the covers on your giant bean bag and watch a movie. Because they come in such great sizes, it's easy to fit the whole family on the bean bag during family time. Really, when it comes time to move can you truly begin to appreciate the joys of a bean bag chair. As you start counting the stairs all the way to the third floor, it's a blessing when you don't have to carry a couch!

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