Extra Big Benefits Come with Extra Large Bean Bag Chairs

There are so many benefits to choosing extra large bean bag chairs over “traditional” furniture seating.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning a couch is a pain. You've got to get down between the cushions, pop out the recliner seats, and worst of all, try to reach under the heavy metal frame to reach underneath. You won't have any of those problems if you have extra large bean bag chairs in your living room. The covers on fombags are machine washable and interchangeable. No toys can roll underneath, you can simply roll around the bag to vacuum and clean under the bag with ease. Even if you have really persistent kids who manage to get something underneath!

Easy to Match

If you're picking a large bean bag chair you're going to also want to make sure that it matches the décor of your bedroom or living room. At Fombag.com you can request free samples of our fabric swatches to help make the right decision. Seeing the fabric in the room can make all the difference in choosing between a classic chocolate microsuede fabric or pebble microfiber dark chocolate. If you repaint or move, you can always change out the covers so your extra large bean bag chairs still match the room perfectly.

Easy to Refill and Refresh

Have you ever heard of someone replacing the springs on an old couch? People tend to just throw out a couch when they get too worn in. Your bean bag chair will be getting a lot of use over the years, from lounging, sleeping, and jumping on it day after day. Unlike a couch, you can simply refill the inside with new shredded foam if you feel the extra large bean bag chairs don't have the comfort they once had.

Easy on the Floor

Extra large bean bag chairs can easily replace an entire sofa set, which is great when moving time comes. Fombags can be easily moved from room to room or to a new house, unlike most furniture which would require disassembly or moving equipment. You won't have to worry about leaving unsightly marks in the carpeting from heavy furniture either, extra large bean bag chairs won't scratch up or ruin new flooring.

Overall, extra large bean bag chairs are much easier for maintenance, comfort and style in the long and short term.

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