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Fombag Mini and Fabric Samples - Free after coupon.
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Fombag Mini plus full set of Sample Fabrics, plus a $10 Coupon towards any future order! Basically free after using the coupon!

LIMIT - One per customer

Our Fombag Minis are made from the same materials as our full size Fombags and include the same premium foam, liner, stitching, and top-quality zippers. Yeah, we realize this is overkill for such a small item, but we want it to perfectly represent the full Fombag.

Minis are about 8" in diameter and are a ton of fun on their own and can be used as a pillow when your full sized Fombag arrives. Play catch! Play Barbie! Play throw the mini at your siblings!

Included is a full set of all fabrics that we have swatches for.

Barbie not included, and we're joking about throwing it at your siblings. Fombag Mini is not recommended as a weapon. We're also not sure if we endorse Barbie, but hey, she made a good size comparison picture.