From Lumpy Love Sack to Fashionable FomBag


The popular bean bag chairs of the hippie years have become a common household fixture, and like most common furniture pieces become better made and better products over all. The humble journey from love sack to Fombag is a story that results in comfort and style!

How did bean bags begin?

Bean bag chairs began as a popular form of seating in the 60s and 70s, covered in fabric or leather and filled with Styrofoam, PVC pellets or beads. While comfy, these formless chairs were sized for a single person and eventually wore down from excessive use.

Why move from pellets and Styrofoam? Changing up the insides of the love sack from beans to foam has had a lot of great benefits. By using shredded foam instead of bean pellets, the seating is immensely more comfortable and relaxing. The shredded foam is very durable, making for longer lasting seating. Using foam also makes it possible to make shaped seating such as the Fombag, sofa sack, Fom pillow and Fom pillow all possible.

What is the love sack today?

Today youll find foam sacks come in a variety of fabrics, colors and fabrics, much like the great selection youll find here at Starting in the 1990s love sacks started sporting removable and machine washable covers just like 17 types of fabric love sack covers available at Our Fombags come in even larger sizes that are able to hold up to six people!

Can I try out the fombag ahead of time? You can feel and see the colors in person by requesting samples of fabric from or order a complete fabric set with a Fombag mini to see how the love sack has evolved! Check out the quality lining, and compare just how much more comfortable the foam lining is than the bean pellets of a regular bean bag. If you only remember the old school bean bag chairs, youll love how much more comfortable the Fombag fabric and filling is now.

The evolution from love sack to Fombag had been a gradual process, much like other premium comfort furniture. Check out our comfortable sack selection here at