Get Huge Levels of Comfort from Huge Bean Bags


Where do you rate your comfort on a scale from one to ten? A one being that you couldn’t care at all - and ten being you prefer the highest level of comfort—something you could sleep on. If you said ten and comfort is your number one priority then you’ll want to try out the amazing comfort you can only get with huge bean bags. If you’re a big fan of comfy seating, you will love the coziness you get when curling up in huge bean bag chairs! While old school foam bags were filled with messy and not always comfortable bean bag beans, the huge bean bags from are filled with the stuff of sweet dreams – shredded foam.

Want big comfort?

Big comfort comes in big packages like you’ll only find in huge bean bags chairs! Filled with amazingly comfy shredded foam pieces, huge foam bags are more invigorating than a typical couch. You can get huge bean bags as large as large as six, seven or even eight feet round, perfect for large groups.

Can I sleep on a bean bag?

Yes! Curled up or sprawled out -- huge bean bags are ideal for sleeping. After sleeping on a comfortable bean bag you’ll wake up with a feeling of contentment so great, you won’t want to get up and go back to bed.

Do I need a couch in addition to a bean bag chair?

There’s no need for couches when you have huge bean bags. These giant bean bags are relaxing replacements for couches of any size. Whether kicking back for gaming night or lounging for a movie, you’ll get more pleasure from a huge bean bag than any couch. There’s also no uncomfortable crowding – the entire family can fit on a one huge bean bag!

Style and Satisfaction

Don’t sacrifice style for comfort. The huge bean bag chairs from are made with premium covers. You want covers that feel as great on the outside as they do on the inside. Our bean bags come in premium, cotton twill and micro suede fabrics.

If you want furniture that looks and feels great then the huge bean bags from are perfect! With so many options you can’t help but find the perfect look for your room, without ever giving up luxury or style.