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Want more info about our fabrics? There's no better way than to try them out. You can order up to 5 free fabric swatches and we'll send them out immediately. They come in a normal envelope via US Mail, so watch your mail box in 3-4 days.

MicroSuede Fabrics

MicroSuede is our most popular fabric choice and is the best selling fabric type in furniture today. It feels like a soft suede jacket and is extremely durable. Very breathable and comfortable. Machine washable.

Premium Fabrics

Pebble MicroFiber fabrics are similar to our normal microfiber except they have a very interesting &qout;pebble" texture to them this is a very high end fabric and makes wonderful fombag cover. machine washable. note these swatches are zoomed in close, the individual pebbles small. range size from about 1/3 inch 1/8 inch.

Plush Corduroy is not your traditional corduroy. The cords are very wide, about 1/2 inch each. This creates a very intersting visual texture, and feels great to the touch. The fabric is one of our thickest and very velvety soft. This is a staff favorite!

Faux Leather is a simulated leather that feels like the real thing and has a very attractive grain to it.

Lynx Furr is a very thick and heavy luxury fabric with polyester hair fibers about 3/4 inch long.

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