Home Theatre Room Setup Ideas

Home theatre rooms are becoming more and more popular. Everyone loves to escape reality and enjoy their favorite movie or TV show. Designing the perfect home theater room can be fun, yet cumbersome task. Fombag.com offers a unique furniture line that will add style, fun, and excitement to your home media room. So if you're looking for great idea while designing your great escape room, then learn more about the product that is becoming the preferred home theater room seating.

Fombags make great primary or secondary home theatre room seating. Foam bags are large bean bag like chairs that are filled with ultra soft shredded foam, and they have high quality designer micro suede covers. The foam bags, often called love sacks, are a great choice for alternative furniture. The are easily moved around the room, have covers that are removable and washable, and they're extremely comfortable. Fombags mold to your body and make the ideal relaxation station.

One of the most popular home theater room setups is to have standard or structured theatre chairs on an elevated platform, then to throw down some foambags on the main level. The foambags are low profile and won't obstruct the view of the upper level movie watchers.

Fombag offers 2 types of home theater room chairs. The regular fombag is a giant sphere of foam that ranges from 4 feet all the way to 8 feet in diameter. The most popular sizes are the 5 and 6 ft foambags. Fombag also sells their oval shaped Sofa Sacks. Sofa Sacks are oblong foam bags that still sit several adults without taking up as much floor space. The long sofa bags make great love seats, and can even be used as a foam recliner or single person foam high chair.

Fombags last a lifetime and add that extra edge to your home theatre room. They will be the center of attention and talk of the town. Visit Fombag.com today to see what color and size is right for your theater room.

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