Neat Ideas for your Furniture Bean Bag Chair


Many people are sharing the different ways they use a furniture bean bag chair to make their home more inviting. There are so many different ways to use and love a Fombag that we thought you might appreciate hearing what some furniture bean bag chair users are up to!

Fombag for Pets

We all know that pets love sitting on your furniture bean bag chair. But there are other ways a Fombag can help a pet out. If you’ve got an older or smaller dog, then a furniture bean bag chair might be a great alternative to unsightly staircase ramps. Just place a Fombag next to your bed or sofa to give your little pets a boost up. They also create a nice landing pad on the way down! A furniture bean bag chair can help prevent injury—especially when your pet could be jumping down onto a slippery hardwood floor.

Therapy Aid

Some people have reported that furniture bean bag chair are great for children with sensory integration problems. Children find Fombags to be a safe and comfortable place that they can call their own. In a similar vein, people in casts can benefit from furniture bean bag chairs by using them as soft and modifiable supports.

Extra Seating

Furniture bean bag chairs can help you when you have unexpected company. Simply store a few extra Fombags in a closet or spare room and pull them out when you need more seating. Your guests will love that you thought about their comfort. Imagine a fun game night with everyone in furniture bean bag chairs!

Table Base

If you’re a caterer, you might enjoy this fun idea. Use furniture bean bag chairs as table base supports for a formal occasion. Simply place clear glass round tops on top of the Fombags. Your guests will be delighted by the creative and innovative concept. You’ll be able to see the colored furniture bean bag chairs through the glass.

There are many ways you can update your home and your life with furniture bean bag chair. Check out the variety right here at

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