10 Best Company Perks

Offices have been evolving over the last 20 years to be more…fun. Gone are the days where you can stick everyone in a cubicle and call it a day.

With companies like Google and Amazon showing the world what a fun place to work looks like, more and more companies are changing their office layouts and including fun things like ping pong tables and bean bags.

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A Green Bean Bag Chair and Color Symbolism

Green is a fairly commonly used color in interior decorating. A green bean bag chair is the perfect addition to any green décor. From hunter green to sage green, you’ll find green to be amazingly refreshing.

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Get your Lovesac Covers from Fombag.com

We’ve all been there at one point or another in our lives. You’re moving into a dorm or a new apartment for the first time in your life. You’re going away from home, and you need to make a space for yourself.

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Decorate with Black Bean Bags Chairs

Many different cultures have used something like a bean bag pillow to create an atmosphere of comfort and style. Bean bag pillows are a comfortable alternative to furniture like couches and chairs.

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What couch? That's a Bean Bag Sofa.

When it comes time to start decorating your living room, bed room, or dorm room, you need to find some comfortable furniture. Many people end up taking the standard couch, chair, and loveseat route.

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Looking for a Lovesac? Try Fombag

Lovesac, you'll want to consider a Fombag! Not only is a Fombag less expensive than a Lovesac, it is also one of the best pieces of furniture you'll ever invest in.

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Home Theatre Room Setup Ideas

Designing the perfect home theater room can be fun, yet cumbersome task. Fombag.com offers a unique furniture line that will add style, fun, and excitement to your home media room.

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