Do Video Games Cause Stress?

Do Video Games Cause Stress?

The simple answer is yes -- and no.

The link between video games and stress has long been confirmed by research -- especially when it comes to titles such as Call of Duty and others that feature high levels of violence -- but more recent studies are finding that not all stress induced by video games is necessarily harmful.

A 2019 study performed by the Department of Psychological Science at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte confirmed that different genres of video games cause varying levels of stress.

For example, the inherent nature of games like Call of Duty or Mortal Kombat will almost certainly generate higher levels of stress than Tetris or Candy Crush.

However, the study also found that none of the stressors exhibited by participants -- who showed changes in heart rate and emotional response when monitored before and after playing both fighting and puzzle games -- caused an increase in blood pressure, a main indicator that the body has encountered what it perceives to be a threat.

In other words, while video games absolutely do cause physiological changes in the body that indicate the onset of stress, those changes are typically not so significant that they cause our bodies to initiate a fight-or-flight response.

Some Video Games Are More Stressful Than Others

First-person shooter games thrive by creating a visceral experience for players.

This genre of game thrusts players firmly into the environment of the game’s storyline, but with that can come stress.

In fact, according to a recent survey of more than 1,000 gamers by Comfy Sacks, nearly 60% of participants responded that first-person shooters are the most stressful genre of video game.

What’s more, of the game titles reported as having caused the highest levels of stress, the two atop the list are both part of the popular Call of Duty franchise -- Modern Warfare and Black Ops 4 -- which has cultivated a huge following based on its ability to simulate gamers into stunningly real warfare scenarios.

Also included in the survey were responses to what gamers reported as being the top games that relieve stress. More than 54% of participants admitted to playing easier games as a means of reducing stress levels, with a majority of those being gamers who reported playing video games every day.

The most popular genre for relieving stress was puzzle games, followed by role-playing and simulation, and the top titles were The Sims, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Minecraft.

How To Relieve Stress While Playing Video Games

It’s all about balance.

Balance genres of video games that tend to induce stress with those that can relieve it.

If puzzle or simulation games are not your thing, you can at least be physically comfortable while pulling all-nighters with Call of Duty or Fortnite.

Only 24% of those surveyed by admitted to being extremely comfortable while playing video games, but those that did were also found to be more than two times less likely to feel stressed while gaming.

Turns out, much of the comfort level you feel while playing video games originates from where you’re playing those games.

What’s your gaming setup like? And we’re not talking about the console, desk, headphones, or PC configuration.

Let’s discuss what you’re sitting on.

Maximize Comfort, Reduce Stress With Fombag

More than half (54%) of the gamers surveyed reported that the couch was their destination of choice, followed by a computer chair and a bed.

Last on the list was bean bags, not typically associated with hardcore gaming, but when asked how much comfort their seating of choice provided them while playing, more than 30% of gamers surveyed said that their bean bags made them feel extremely comfortable.

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