What couch? That's a Bean Bag Sofa.


When it comes time to start decorating your living room, bed room, or dorm room, you need to find some comfortable furniture.  Many people end up taking the standard couch, chair, and loveseat route.  But who says that furniture has to be so limited?  If you're looking for a bean bag chair or Lovesac, you'll want to consider a Fombag!  Not only is a Fombag less expensive than a Lovesac, it is also one of the best pieces of furniture you'll ever invest in.

Bye bye, Lovesac - Hello Fombag
The best way to illustrate why a Fombag is so much better than a Lovesac is to just give you the facts.  If you take the time to compare the top brands of foam-filled bean bag chairs, you'll see that Fombag gives you the most sack for your buck!

First of all, Fombag always offers something that Lovesac doesn't.  We have free shipping!  You've already made the commitment to purchase a comfortable piece of bean bag furniture— why should we make you pay to have it shipped to your house?  That just seems silly.  The 6'x6' Lovesac sells for $549+, and then you have to pay for shipping.  Our 6'x6' Fombag goes at a sale price of $266, and the shipping is free.  If you want comfort and you want to save money, Fombag is definitely the way to go.

We also have more choices than Lovesac or the Foof Chair.  There are only six different sizes of Foof Chair out there, and there are seven sizes of Lovesac.  How about Fombag?  Fombag has eleven different sizes.  That means that, unlike Lovesac, you can have a Fombag for just about everyone in your family.  From the biggest to the smallest (and even the dog!), there's a Fombag for everyone.  We like to think of it like Goldilocks and the three bears— Fombag too big?  Too small?  Don't worry, we've got one that's just right.

And don't get us started on the different colors!  With Fombag, you can try out our fabric samples.  When you're shopping for a Lovesac, think Fombag and you can order up to five free swatches of fabric.  From denim fabrics, to MicroSuede fabrics, to Pebble Microfiber fabrics, you can get a few swatches and see what looks best in your home!  Does it really get any better than that?

So when you're looking to revamp your décor with a Lovesac, try shopping at Fombag.com for that perfect foam-filled comfort sack!  You'll be glad you did.


Note: Prices and detals mentioned may change from when this article was posted and may not be current when you read this.

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